The second draft

I can say I have a sense of accomplishment. My lit review is well on its way to being finished. It just needs a few touchups here and there and then it's ready to be dissected by my advisor and then my committee! 

Fortunately the class that is requiring me to write in this blog also required me to complete my lit review in a shortened summer semester. Without it I can, without hesitation, say I would have NEVER gotten this done on my own. I have way to many distractions in my life so I'm super fortunate that I was forced to do this! 

So I'm writing with the reflection of "What was important about what I did?" And the answer is obvious. I just completed a chapter of my dissertation. I have a publishable or presentable document that adds to the body of work I'm interested in, and I've completed another course towards my doctorate degree! Yeah Baby! 

I'm under no illusions that this is a brilliant piece of work but it's a start and I have a lot more ideas now than before I started the project and this course. I also have significantly more blisters on my fingers and a numb butt! But's that a whole different story Happy 

Thanks for reading!