Do you feel a draft?


Now we enter the period of putting the figurative pen to the paper. Our latest assignment was creating our first draft of the literature review. I took a somewhat different method but one in which some of my classmates found useful. While writing the first draft I began editing towards the second draft. I know weird... but stay with me. The reason being is that we had to have something to turn in and so I wanted to meet the requirements of the assignment and I also didn't want to forget the ideas I was having as I typed and edited and re-read.

While writing I had my annotated bibliography on the screen as well and I was cross-referencing the bib with my first draft and color coding what I noticed I needed in my draft. This will allow me to quickly go back to those areas and began to fill in what I need to. I also had additional ideas that I wanted to add to my draft and some research ideas as well.