Journal Articles Everywhere.... And I mean everywhere

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Journals Journals, everywhere,
And all the brain cells did shrink;
Journals, Journals, everywhere,
Nor any time to think

Or something like that. Okay I repackaged that from,  "Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" but it fits. 

We are having to review at least 60 articles and create an annotated bibliography from these and submit 20 articles a week. Actually I'm grateful that we are "forced" to do this because most normal humans wouldn't submit themselves to torture like this on a voluntary basis! Oh that's right I signed up for this... well I never said I was normal! 

One of the most relevant things I've discovered is the feature on Google Scholar and other databases where you can see who cited the article you were reading and also what articles those people were looking at it as well. It stands to reason that there are likely shared interests among people reading the same articles and also enough divergence to allow some new avenues of research and/or ideas to occur. 

This is extremely beneficial to me as my area of interest, which is in exploring curriculum development and non-traditional teaching methods in Physician Assistant Education is a limited area and I can get fresh ideas and insights into what others in medical education are doing. 

So I've got 20 down and at least 40 more to go in the next 2 weeks.